This “lively” and “affordable” East Village writer continues to “dazzle” creative directors with his “delicious” headlines, “extra-fresh” ideas and “savory” body copy. “Expect the unexpected” from this “talented” mid-level copywriter. Be sure to sample his “impressive” print portfolio filled with an “exotic mix” of work that “cannot be ignored.” | CREATIVE SURVEY W W sI CI TONY DiPIETRO Copywriter S W W W W_l 151 Second Ave. 4c New York NY 10003 This lively and affordable East Village writer continues to dazzle creative directors with his delicious headlines extra-fresh ideas and savory body copy. Expect the unexpected from this talented mid-level copywriter. Be sure to sample his impressive print portfolio filled with an exotic mix of work that cannot be ignored. Critics from Adweek give high marks to his memorable TV spot for Marriott Hotels. Co-workers applaud his ability to quickly deliver innovative concepts and work that is consistently excellent. Newcomers are always blown away by his tantalizing headlines. Regulars are hooked on campaigns that are simply to die for and long copy is so rich it s smoother than butter. H- Humor W- Writing S- Strategy C- Cost Call for reservations or email tony_dipietro@ EXPERIENCE 1 05 -- Present The Sawtooth Group NJ Copywriter Accounts Hartz Wardley WPU McCormick Spices Fairmont Hotels 10 04 -- 12 04 Goldberg Fossa Seid NYC Copywriter Accounts Janovic Plaza Einstein Moomjy Marriott Renaissance Hotels 7 04 -- 10 04 Hill Holliday NYC Copywriter Accounts VerizonWireless Merrill Lynch Price Waterhouse Coopers Chase 5 03 -- 10 03 Y R Brand Buzz NYC Copywriter Accounts Sony Electronics Accenture Plymouth Gin LG Phones 10 99 -- 4 03 Fuel Station NYC Copywriter Accounts The Wine Spectator School Provident Bank of NJ Grana Padano Cheese Monte Cristo Cigars Fest USA Authors Guild Cointreau 4 99 -- 8 99 M C Saatchi Singapore Copywriter Accounts Qantas Airways BMW Motorcycles of Singapore 11 98 -- 4 99 Hanft Raboy Partners NYC Copywriter Accounts Twinlab Vitamins Thompson s Wood Protector Showtime Networks 8-97 -- 7 98 McCann Amster Yard NYC Copywriter Accounts Sol Beer Mexico B B Cognac Liqueur Bacardi Martini Rossi Freelance Work TheAttik Blue Elephant Grey G2 SS K BBDO Singapore Maxim CCA NJ Berenter Greenhouse Webster Stein Rogan Partners .

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