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cho thấy Norton SystemWorks, một ứng dụng điển hình có chứa một thành phần chống virus. Phần mềm tường lửa cá nhân thường bao gồm một máy quét chống virus. Tuy nhiên, một tường lửa cá nhân có thêm bước bảo vệ máy tính của bạn bằng cách đóng cổng không cần thiết. | 1 YEAR UPGRADE BUYER PROTECTION PLAN Global Knowledge PROFESSIONAL REFERENCE MAIL VIRUS PROTECTION HANDBOOK The E-mail Virus Protection Handbook is the only book that shows you what might be lurking in your e-mail. It s our e-mail Bible and it should be yours Brad Goodyear President FREE Monthly Technology Updates One-year Vendor ProdUct Upgrade Protection Plan FREE Membership to Brian Bagnall Sun Certified Java Programmer and Developer Chris O. Broomes MCSE MCP I CCNA Ryan Russell CCNP and author of the best-selling Hack Proofing Your Network Technical Editor James Stanger MCSE MCT CIwSecurity Professional I synỆress s a s y n g With over 1 500 000 copies of our MCSE MCSD CompTIA and Cisco study guides in print we have come to know many of you personally. By listening we ve learned what you like and dislike about typical computer books. The most requested item has been for a web-based service that keeps you current on the topic of the book and related technologies. In response we have created a service that includes the following features A one-year warranty against content obsolescence that occurs as the result of vendor product upgrades. We will provide regular web updates for affected chapters. Monthly mailings that respond to customer FAQs and provide detailed explanations of the most difficult topics written by content experts exclusively for . Regularly updated links to sites that our editors have determined offer valuable additional information on key topics. Access to Ask the Author customer query forms that allow readers to post questions to be addressed by our authors and editors. Once you ve purchased this book browse to solutions. To register you will need to have the book handy to verify your purchase. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you. SYNGRESS

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