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Điều gì ảnh định dạng tập tin không hỗ trợ iPhoto? iPhoto iPhoto hỗ trợ JPEG, TIFF, và các định dạng file RAW, mà là làm thế nào hầu hết các máy ảnh số lưu file ảnh của mình. Nó cũng có thể nhập các định dạng web như GIF và PNG, Photoshop (PSD) các tập tin, và các loại khác. | WORKING WITH iPHOTO 09 Importing and Viewing Photos iPhoto downloads the photos from your camera and adds them to the iPhoto library. iPhoto displays a dialog enabling you to delete the imported photos. 7 Click Delete Photos to erase the imported photos from your camera. iPhoto displays the imported photos in the photo browser. The event name appears above the photos. T What photo file formats does iPhoto support iPhoto supports the JPEG TIFF and RAW file formats which are how most digital cameras save their photo files. It can also import Web formats such as GIF and PNG Photoshop PSD Can I import and play movies in iPhoto You can import movies from a digital camera into iPhoto just like you do still photos. iPhoto can import and play many popular video formats including QuickTime MOV MPEG and AVI. Doubleclicking a movie in iPhoto opens files and many other types. the movie in QuickTime Player. If you want to edit movies see Part III of this book which covers iMovie. 33 Import Photos from . Your Computer If you already have photos stored on your computer you can bring them into iPhoto to organize and edit them. This is useful if you have a collection of scanned photos or art on your Mac. You can also use these steps to bring photos into iPhoto from a CD-ROM DVD memory card or flash drive. Import Photos from Your Computer USE THE IMPORT COMMAND O Click File. 2 Click Import to Library. The Import Photos dialog appears. 3 Navigate to the folder on your computer that contains the photos. Note You can also navigate to a CD-ROM DVD memory card or flash drive to import photos. 0Ö-click to select the photos. You can press EQ to select all the photos. 5 Click Import. 34 WORKING WITH iPHOTO 09 Importing and Viewing Photos iPhoto imports the selected photos and displays them in the photo browser. Note For information about how to organize imported photos see Chapter 4. CLICK AND DRAG FROM THE FINDER O Open the folder containing the photos to import in the Mac Finder. -click .

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