Tại sao chúng ta cần các chỉ số về tính toàn vẹn hệ sinh thái cửa sông, những gì được họ, và sẽ như thế nào hoặc các chỉ số này thông báo và góp phần quản lý của các hệ thống, đa dạng, phức tạp? các tầm quan trọng của các cửa sông được thể hiện độc đáo bằng tiếng xứ Wales (1984, p. xiii): "các cửa sông . là một trong những rất nhiều sử dụng, khu hiệu quả nhất trong hành tinh của chúng ta. Quá trình tích hợp của họ . dệt một trang web phức tạp đến nay tỷ lệ. | 30 Indicators of Ecosystem Integrity for Estuaries Stephen J. Jordan and Lisa M. Smith CONTENTS Terminology and Conceptual Examples of Water and Sediment Quality Single-Species Population-Level Community Ecosystem Introduction Why do we need indicators of ecosystem integrity for estuaries what are they and how would one or more of these indicators inform and contribute to management of these diverse complex systems The importance of estuaries was expressed nicely by Welsh 1984 p. xiii Estuaries . are one of the most heavily utilized and most productive zones in our planet. Their integrative processes . weave a web of complexity far out of proportion to their occupation of less than 1 of the planet s surface. Citizens groups environmental managers and elected officials want to know the status of estuarine ecosystems locally regionally nationally and globally. Especially where there have been large public investments in pollution controls and other preventive and restorative measures people want to know if their money has been well spent Jordan and Vaas 2000 . Thus there is a clear need for indicators that will provide comprehensive answers to these questions at appropriate intervals. Murawski 2000 p. 655 recommended simple robust indices of ecosystem state that gauge . production diversity and variability and emphasized that indicators should have the capacity to predict the results of management. Although Murawski was writing in the context of fisheries and fisheries management these principles apply more broadly to the integrity of ecosystems in general. The problem then is to formulate indicators that are simple in presentation and interpretation. They should be robust . not sensitive to small perturbations or irrelevant factors and predictive but also grounded in the complexity

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