TAILIEUCHUNG - Standardized Functional Verification- P2

Standardized Functional Verification- P2:Every manager who brings a design to tape-out or who purchases IP must eventually face these questions. The ability to answer these questions based on quantitative analysis is both vital and yet elusive. In spite of the enormous technical advances made in IC development and verification software, the answers to these questions are still based largely on guesswork and hand waving. | Acknowledgements Any book that attempts to advance scientific understanding is invariably the product of many minds and this book is no exception. Apart from the contributions of others this work would not have been possible. A debt of gratitude is owed to reviewers of my early drafts Marlin Jones Kris Gleason Bob Pflederer and Johan Rade. I thank Eric Hill for insightful comments on a later manuscript. I am especially grateful to Anne Stern whose meticulous reading of a final manuscript revealed errors and ambiguities and passages greatly in need of further clarification. Without her diligent attention to detail this book would be in want of much improvement. I also thank my editors at Springer for their unflagging support especially Katelyn Stanne who guided this project to publication. Finally I must acknowledge the contributions of my many colleagues over the years both engineers and managers who ardently embraced a culture of engineering excellence. Any remaining errors in this book are mine and mine alone. Table of Contents 1. A Brief Overview of Functional Costs and Verification and Time to Verification and Development But any Lessons Learned .3 Functional Verification in a Principles of Constrained Random Standardized Functional 2. Analytical A Note on DUTs DUVs and Linear Algebra for Digital System Standard Ranges of Rules and Example - Rules and Variables of Example - External Example - Internal Variables of Example - Variables of Example - Variables of Stimulus and Internal Stimuli and Autonomous .

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