TAILIEUCHUNG - Ielts listening skill part 1

Tài liệu được biên soạn nhằm giúp cho học viên làm quen với các kỹ năng nghe tiếng anh. Hiểu và tiếp thu được những kỹ năng này học viên sẽ nghe tiếng anh một cách dễ dàng. | LISTENING _ TESTI SECTION 1 Questions 1-10 Questions 1-5 Circle the correct letter A-C. 1 What is Harry s problem A He doesn t want to sell his things. B He needs to decide what to do with his possessions. C He wants to take everything to England. 2 Which of the items below does Harry want to sell 31 Where is Harry going to advertise his books for sale A In the university bookshop. B In the student newspaper. C In the economics department. IELTS on Track GENERAL TRM Nl NG LISTEN ING TEST 1 4 Andrea thinks it is unlikely students will buy the furniture because. A they re all doing the same thing. B they live at home. C it s the summer vacation. 5 Andrea thinks that a second hand shop. A may not pay well. B may not take your goods. C may only take free goods. Questions 6-10 Complete Hany s notes using NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS. THINGS TO DO etc in Trading Post. 7 . or sell kitchen things. Get 8 .first from second hand shop. IELTS on Track GENERAL TRAINING LISTENING TESTI SECTION 2 Questions 11-20 Complete the Fitness Centre brochure using NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS. CENTRE Located conveniently at the 11 .of Marion Street and Giles Street. WE ARE OPEN FOR YOU Monday-Friday 12 .am to pm Saturday am to pm j Sunday am to 13 .pm i i WET AREA Aqua aerobic 14 .for all ages and levels. I i 5 I I 15 . lessons on weekday afternoons and weekend mornings. SUPER CIRCUIT CLASSES I I J i A cardio workout class that is easy to 16 . 1 AEROBIC Si STEP CLASSES Aerobics room holds over 55 participants. LARGE WELL-EQUIPPED GYM Have a personal fitness assessment individual 17 .to suit you. CARDIO-VASCULAR ROOM Use the treadmills bikes and steppers to burn fat increase fitness warm up. I Watch your favourite 18 .while you exercise. I j TWI FOR ONE SPECIAL MEMBERSHIP PUIS 19 .TRIAL OFFER I ONLY 110 each for a whole 20 .months Get ready for summer. HURRY OFFER ENDS SOON lELTSor Trick GENERAL TRAIN ING LISTENING TEST 1 SECTION 3 Questions 21-30 Questions 21-25

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