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Taking Your Talent to the Web- P27:It was a simple solution to a complex problem. On one side, thousands of designers and art directors are eager to take their talents to the Web but aren’t sure how. On the other, web agencies could not find enough good web designers to get their work done. | Taking Your Talent to the Web 371 Flash files stream and can be highly compressed because Flash is built on vector graphics. As you know vector graphics like PostScript are mathematical in nature rather than pixel-based. Thus it is somewhat ironic that Flash has become known as a bloated format. This has to do with poor Flash authoring not with Flash. Flash presentations even incredibly sophisticated ones can be very low in bandwidth and generally ought to be. Flash files are created in the Macromedia Flash authoring program. They also can be authored with Adobe s LiveMotion software which premiered in early 2000. Sixty second software review LiveMotion is easier for beginners to learn particularly if they are familiar with the Adobe interface found in Photoshop Illlustrator and so on. It does one or two things Flash can t do. Flash with a more baffling interface and a steeper learning curve is initially harder to learn. But its programming depth through Action Script and standard JavaScript far exceeds that of LiveMotion at least as of this writing . Cult take Flash designers take as much pride in mastering the tool s absurdly poor interface as they do in exploring its programming depth and complexity. Just as web designers who code by hand take pains to chuckle mockingly at Dreamweaver and GoLive users and hold FrontPage users utterly beneath contempt so the hardcore Flash jockeys shake their heads in bewilderment at the very notion that anyone would even think of using LiveMotion. Remember this is not necessarily our opinion it is mere observation of a cultural milieu. If it sounds like Flash is a cult it is. If it sounds like hardcore web design is also a cult it is. If it sounds like you should reconsider getting involved in web design you ve read too far and know too much to escape unscathed. Our opinion Flash and LiveMotion are both fine tools each of which caters to a different niche in the market. There goes our cult status. Whichever authoring tool you .