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Identify the role of an intermediary device in a data network and be able to contrast that role with the role of an end device. Role of an intermediary device provides connectivity and ensures data flows. | Communicating over the Network Network Fundamentals – Chapter 2 Objectives Describe the structure of a network, including the devices and media that are necessary for successful communications. Explain the function of protocols in network communications. Explain the advantages of using a layered model to describe network functionality. Describe the role of each layer in two recognized network models: The TCP/IP model and the OSI model. Describe the importance of addressing and naming schemes in network communications. Network Structure Define the elements of communication 3 common elements of communication message source the channel message destination Define a network data or information networks capable of carrying many different types of communications Network Structure Describe how messages are communicated Data is sent across a network in small “chunks” called segments Network Structure Define the components of a network Network components hardware software Network Structure End