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Java Server Pages: A Code-Intensive Premium Reference- P25:Before you begin reading Pure JSP Java Server Pages, you might want to take a look at its basic structure. This should help you outline your reading plan if you choose not to read the text from cover to cover. This introduction gives you an overview of what each chapter covers. | The getSession method returns the session from which the listener is being bound or unbound. getSession has no parameters and throws no exceptions. Returns HttpSession HttpUtils Class public class HttpUtils extends The HttpUtils class contains a collection of static utility methods that are useful to HTTP servlets. The HttpUtils class has four methods described in the following sections. HttpUtils Method public HttpUtils The HttpUtils constructor creates an empty HttpUtility object. HttpUtils has no parameters returns no value and throws no exceptions. parseQueryStringO Method public static parseQueryString s The parseQueryString method takes the passed-in query string and parses it into a Hashtable of key value pairs where the values are arrays of strings. parseQueryString throws no exceptions. Parameters Returns parsePostData Method public static parsePostData int len ServletInputStream in The parsePostData method takes HTML form data that is sent to the server as a post request parses it and returns a Hashtable of key value pairs. If keys have multiple values their values are stored as an array of Strings. parsePostData throws no exceptions. Parameters int ServletInputStream Returns getRequestURL Method public static getRequestURL HttpServletRequest request The getRequestURL method takes a request object and reconstructs the URL used by the client to make the request. getRequestURL throws no exceptions. Parameters HttpServletRequest Returns - 241 - List of Figures Chapter 1 JSP Overview The Components of a JavaServer Page Figure Output of the JSP example. Figure The steps of a JSP request. Chapter 2 Java Servlets Figure Execution of a Java servlet. Figure A high-level object model of the servlet framework. Figure A GenericServlet request. Figure An HttpServlet