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JQuery: Novice to Ninja- P14:No matter what kind of ninja you are—a cooking ninja, a corporate lawyer ninja, or an actual ninja ninja—virtuosity lies in first mastering the basic tools of the trade. Once conquered, it’s then up to the full-fledged ninja to apply that knowledge in creative and inventive ways. | 172 jQuery Novice to Ninja chapter_05 17_simple_tooltips excerpt Mouse move code .tooltip .css top - 10 px .css left 20 px Finally we need to respond to mouse movement by updating the tooltip s location. This way the tooltip will follow the mouse around just like the browser s built-in tooltips do. And presto We ve replaced the default tooltips with our own and we re fully in control of their appearance and animation. Advanced Tooltips It s good to know how to build a simple tooltip but we also know that we can do better. For more sophisticated tooltips which can include other markup such as images or links inside the content we ll need to move them from the title attribute into our actual markup. We ll hide them with CSS then reveal and position them using jQuery as required. The final effect is illustrated in Figure . Welcome to StarTrackr the planet s prem where in to the right ier celet -------P r Legal Disclaimer Figure . Our advanced tooltip Our tooltip markup will consist of two nested span elements which will sit inside the element we want to use to trigger the tooltip. This may occasionally require some creativity with your markup but helps us to position the tooltip as we can give it an absolute position offset from the parent element. It also helps us handle triggering events since if the user moves the mouse over the tooltip it will still be over the triggering element so no additional hover event handling is required. Here s an example of the tooltip markup Menus Tabs Tooltips and Panels 173 chapter_05 18_advanced_tooltips excerpt p Welcome to strong StarTrackr span class tooltip span a href Legal Disclaimer a span span strong the planet s premier celebrity tracking . p When we re done the tooltip will look great and will contain a link to the disclaimer page. But let s not hang around we ve considered a few tooltip methods so let s drive straight in. As we ll see when we start writing the code our tooltip .