TAILIEUCHUNG - HTML in 10 Steps or Less- P15

HTML in 10 Steps or Less- P15:Welcome to HTML in 10 Simple Steps or Less. Our mission in writing this book is to provide a quick and accessible way for you to learn Hypertext Markup Language — the lingua franca of the World Wide Web. We hope this book provides a resource that beginning and intermediate HTML coders can use to improve their Web development skills. It is also our hope that it fills multiple roles as both a teaching tool and a reference once you expand your skills. | 256 Part 12 Task Creating and Opening Files When you first open TextPad you see a new blank file. You also see various interface elements at your disposal to generate HTML files. note If you re like one of the authors you don t know what filename you re going to give a file until you ve finished with it. If you re like the other author you know what you re going to name the file right away making this step your first choice. 1. To create a new unnamed document choose File New or click the New Document button see Figure 117-1 on the tool bar. You will see a blank screen awaiting your code. Figure 117-1 TextPad s New Document button 2. To create a new named document choose File Open or click the Open button see Figure 117-2 . This displays the Open File s dialog box. Figure 117-2 TextPad s Open button 3. In the field that lists all your folders see Figure 117-3 double-click a folder where you want to create the file. caution TextPad s default file extension is .txt unless you specify otherwise. Figure 117-3 The Open File s dialog box Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark. TextPad 257 4. Type the filename in the File Name field. 5. Use the Files of Type list to select the file type HTML and then click OK see Figure 117-4 . Task Figure 117-4 The Files of Type list 6. Click Yes in the message box that appears which tells you that the file does not exist and asks whether you want to create it. 7. To open an existing file choose File Open from the menu or click the Open button to display the File Open dialog box. 8. Locate the file you want to open from within your file system and click OK. tip To select multiple files hold down the Ctrl button to select each in turn or the Shift button to select a range of files. cross-reference You can instantly fill a new file with structural tags of a blank HTML document using TextPad s clip libraries. To learn more see Task 128. Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this .