TAILIEUCHUNG - Real-Time Embedded Multithreading Using ThreadX and MIPS- P21

Real-Time Embedded Multithreading Using ThreadX and MIPS- P21:Although the history of embedded systems is relatively short, 1 the advances and successes of this fi eld have been profound. Embedded systems are found in a vast array of applications such as consumer electronics, “ smart ” devices, communication equipment, automobiles, desktop computers, and medical equipment. | H-8 Appendix H status tx_thread_entry_exit_notify my_thread my_entry_exit_notify If status is TX_SUCCESS the entry exit notification function was successfully registered. void my_entry_exit_notify TX_THREAD thread_ptr UINT condition Determine if the thread was entered or exited. if condition TX_THREAD_ENTRY Thread entry else if condition TX_THREAD_EXIT Thread exit See Also tx_thread_create tx_thread_delete tx_thread_entry_exit_notify tx_thread_identify tx_ thread_info_get tx_thread_performance_info_get tx_thread_performance_system_info_ get tx_thread_preemption_change tx_thread_priority_change tx_thread_relinquish tx_thread_reset tx_thread_resume tx_thread_sleep tx_thread_stack_error_notify tx_thread_suspend tx_thread_terminate tx_thread_time_slice_change tx_thread_wait_abort tx_thread_identify Retrieves pointer to currently executing thread Prototype TX_THREAD tx_thread_identify VOID Description This service returns a pointer to the currently executing thread s Control Block. If no thread is executing this service returns a null pointer. se purchase PDF Ple on to remove this watermark. Thread Services H-9 NOTE If this service is called from an ISR the return value represents the thread running prior to the executing interrupt handler. Parameters None Return Values thread pointer Pointer to the currently executing thread s Control Block. If no thread is executing the return value is TX_NULL. Allowed From Threads and ISRs Preemption Possible No Example TX_THREAD my_thread_ptr Find out who we are my_thread_ptr tx_thread_identify If my_thread_ptr is non-null we are currently executing from that thread or an ISR that interrupted that thread. Otherwise this service was called from an ISR when no thread was running when the interrupt occurred. tx_thread_info_get Retrieve information about a thread Prototype UINT tx_thread_info_get TX_THREAD thread_ptr CHAR name UINT state ULONG run_count UINT priority Please purchase PDF .

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