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Java Programming for absolute beginner- P18:Hello and welcome to Java Programming for the Absolute Beginner. You probably already have a good understanding of how to use your computer. These days it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t, given the importance of computers in today’s world. Learning to control your computer intimately is what will separate you from the pack! By reading this book, you learn how to accomplish just that through the magic of programming. | 2 25 03 8 54 AM Page 298 Java Programming for the Absolute Beginner nFields 3 .getText oFields 1 .getText nFields 5 .getText oFields 1 .getText vFields 7 .getText vFields 3 .getText vFields 0 .getText vFields 0 .getText vFields 1 .getText nFields 0 .getText vFields 0 .getText oFields 0 .getText oFields 5 .getText vFields 4 .getText vFields 3 .getText nFields 4 .getText vFields 3 .getText nFields 6 .getText nFields 7 .getText oFields 1 .getText vFields 0 .getText oFields 0 .getText oFields 2 .getText vFields 0 .getText vFields 0 .getText vFields 2 .getText vFields 4 .getText oFields 6 .getText s new String s return s When you are writing an applet it is best to refrain from using the newest Java features because browser support for the newest releases always comes later than the release dates of the Java API. Another potential problem is that even when new versions are released most users do not keep their Java VMs up to date. To reach the widest possible audience try to use features and classes of Java that are well established. Be careful however about deprecation. A class field or method is deprecated when the standard version of Java encourages you not to use it usually because a better method has been developed or because the future releases will not support this aging method . The newest version of Java might support it but when you compile your code you will get a warning. Future releases of Java will probably omit the deprecated features altogether. Rewriting the MadLib Game This section describes the changes that I made to the source code .