TAILIEUCHUNG - Suse Linux 9.3 For Dummies- P2

Suse Linux For Dummies- P2:This part is all about getting you started on your way to a lasting relationship with SUSE Linux. Before you can begin your SUSE Linux experience, I spend a chapter explaining what SUSE Linux is and what you can do with SUSE Linux (pretty much anything you can do with a PC that runs Windows). | Table of Contents xiii Connecting to the Internet with How DSL Stirring the DSL alphabet soup ADSL IDSL Typical DSL Connecting to the Internet with a Cable How cable modems Typical cable modem Dialing Up the Connecting the Configuring the Chapter 8 Setting Up an Ethernet LAN with Wireless Getting a Handle on Connecting PCs to an Ethernet Configuring the Ethernet Connecting Your LAN to the Extending Your LAN with a Wireless Understanding wireless Ethernet Understanding infrastructure and ad hoc Understanding Wired Equivalent Privacy WEP .130 Setting up the wireless Configuring the wireless access Configuring wireless Checking whether Your Network Is Checking the network Checking the IP routing Checking connectivity to a Part III Doing Stuff with Chapter 9 Browsing the Understanding the World Wide Links and Web servers and Web Web Browsing in SUSE Web Browsing with Konqueror in Web Browsing with Mozilla in Getting familiar with the Mozilla Changing your home Introducing Epiphany and Chapter 10 E-Mailing and Instant Messaging in Understanding How MUA and MTA Mail message Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on to remove this watermark. xiv SUSE Linux For Dummies__ E-Mailing in SUSE Introducing Introducing Evolution Instant Messaging in SUSE Using Using Chapter 11 Reading Newsgroups .169 Understanding Newsgroup Top-level newsgroup Some Linux-related Reading .