TAILIEUCHUNG - Lesson How to write a PhD

The lecture presents the contents: high quality presentaion that reflects the hard work & new knowledge & experise acquired during the phd; good discussion of strengths and limitaions – methods and results; appreciaion of implicaions of results in wider context; badly-designed & executed experiments; make a plan – content and imeline; make the presentaion clear and simple but precise & to the point; avoid verbose | HOW TO WRITE A PHD WWW. PHPÚOMIÚS. COM Marie-Claude Boily DIDE ICL Adapted from Geva Greenfield s lecture TOPICS Before During writing-up Requirements Timeline Content Style and form What to aim for - Expectations Tips pitfalls Final product and submission PHD THESIS High quality presentation that reflects the hard work new knowledge expertise acquired during the PhD What is a PhD In-depth study critical examination of a specific topic Original and creative piece of research developed autonomously Provide new knowledge and useful discoveries Work of publishable quality in scientific journals or international meetings Thesis should reflect this Exercise of patience frustration not afraid to start again Learn and develop skills to navigate the unknown be your own judge Opportunity to make friends and new colleagues build network Use this to your advantage when writing the .

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