TAILIEUCHUNG - Introdungcing English language part 40

Introdungcing English language part 40: 'In this exciting new textbook, Louise Mullany and Peter Stockwell have provided a fresh and imaginative set of alternatives for teaching and learning a huge amount about the English language. The book allows tor creative and lateral approaches to developing an understanding of important linguistic concepts and, together with the thought-provoking activities, and accessible readings, guarantees there is something to stimulate every learner. | D5 220 EXTENSION LINGUISTIC READINGS Jenny Cheshire Cheshire s approach here emphasises the social and communicative function of the syntactic forms chosen it is very much a piece of applied linguistics. However there are several hints throughout the excerpt that suggest this approach presents a challenge to traditional theoretical syntax too. Can you find these occasions and consider how syntax as a discipline might be affected by a challenge from applied linguistics D5 ADVERTISING DISCOURSE Guy Cook here sets out the principles and effects of connected text. Through his primary focus on the language of advertising Cook highlights many important areas of text and discourse study. He also illustrates how discourse analysis and pragmatics are heavily interlinked with one another by integrating his consideration of coherence in discourse analysis with the co-operative principle and principles of linguistic politeness as detailed in B3. Additionally he also shows how spoken discourse can influence written discourse production demonstrating how the tools of spoken discourse analysis can inform written textual analysis. Guy Cook Guy Cook reprinted from The Discourse of Advertising 2nd edition 2001 London Routledge Cohesive devices Cohesion is the term used in discourse analysis to refer to linguistic devices which create links between sentences and clauses. A number of cohesive devices for example are present in the words of a television ad for Pretty Polly tights numbers added for reference . In the 1930s one man touched the lives of millions of women. 1 He wasn t a film star or a singer but a scientist. 2 He invented nylon. 3 Yet two years later beset with doubt he took his own life. 4 Wallace Carothers dedicated his life to women. 5 Nylon by Wallace Carothers. 6 Nylons by Pretty Polly. 7 Repetition of lexical items. For example women is repeated in 1 and 5 life in 4 and 5 Wallace Carothers in 5 and 6. Sense relations between lexical items or phrases. For example man