TAILIEUCHUNG - Introdungcing English language part 31

Introdungcing English language part 31: 'In this exciting new textbook, Louise Mullany and Peter Stockwell have provided a fresh and imaginative set of alternatives for teaching and learning a huge amount about the English language. The book allows tor creative and lateral approaches to developing an understanding of important linguistic concepts and, together with the thought-provoking activities, and accessible readings, guarantees there is something to stimulate every learner. | CIO 166 EXPLORATION INVESTIGATING ENGLISH LANGUAGE THE . MANIFESTO . . . The government pronounced gah-men says that we must stop using Singlish otherwise we cannot compete with ang-mors. And because of this all our TV shows and preferably other media as well must stop using Singlish. But why not ask the ang-mors to learn to speak like us What makes them so atas Not only that now all our shows will have these bleddy chia h kantang drama club types that we used to hantam in school Who wants to see Why can t we have shows where the actors speak like normal people Those who argue that our shows will sell better if they are in standard English . . . should be reminded who their immediate audience is. What kind of message will this kind of argument send to Singaporean viewers We re not really interested in making shows for you what we really want is to sell overseas. . . . And what s wrong with Singlish anyway It s how Singaporeans speak in casual company. If Londoners can speak Cockney or Liverpudlians can speak Scouse why can t we speak Singlish . . . Surely we Singaporeans are not so stupid that we cannot tell the difference between the kind of language acceptable in casual settings and the kind expected in business or official correspondence. When was the last time you used lah leh or wah piang eh in a formal letter or report After all the British still write grammatically despite watching programmes like Eastenders which use colloquialisms. Are Singaporeans less sophisticated than the British Also why do we accept programmes from the USA with their own deviations from standard English Why are Americanisms acceptable but not Singlish . . . . has been set up to promote art that is relevant to Singaporeans not just propaganda Singlish is a language that is unique to us and we should celebrate it SAVE OUR SINGLISH Say it LAH And say it proud Society for the Preservation of Authentic Singlish 2002 Key ang mor atas bleddy chia h kantang hantam lah leh wah .