TAILIEUCHUNG - Ielts practice test plus part 3

As with all language proficiency tests, a result has a maximum 'shelf life' of approximately two years Jo be valid after two years, an IELTS TRF should be accompanied by evidence that you have maintained your level of English through study or effective use of the language. | Write YES NO or NOT GIVEN next to the views of the writer which are based on the paragraphs below. Music is clearly different from language. People can nevertheless use it to communicate things - especially their emotions - and when allied with speech in a song it is one of the most powerful means of communication that humans have. But what biologically speaking is it If music is truly distinct from speech then it ought to have a distinct processing mechanism in the brain - one that keeps it separate from the interpretation of other sounds including language. The evidence suggests that such a separate mechanism does indeed exist. Scientific curiosity about the auditory system dates back to the mid-19th century. In 1861 Paul Broca a French surgeon observed that speech was impaired by damage to a particular part of the brain now known as Broca s area. In 1874 Carl Wernicke a German neurologist made a similar observation about another brain area and was similarly immortalised. The location of different language-processing tasks in Broca s areas found in the brain s left temporal lobe above the ear was one of the first pieces of evidence that different bits of the brain are specialised to do different jobs. a Music needs words in order to become a truly effective means of communication. b Scientists are still looking for a way to show that the brain processes music and language separately. c Paul Broca attempted to distinguish the processing mechanisms of music and language. d The work of Broca and Wernicke marked the beginning of research into the brain and its role in the production of language. Follow the guidelines in the Tip Strip on page 42 when you do YES NO NOT GIVEN questions. For more material and information please visit Tai Lieu Du Hoc at SKILLS FOR IELTS READING 20 WRITING SKILLS When you study in an academic context you need to be able to write clear formal English. There are two writing tasks in IELTS reflecting some of the different

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