TAILIEUCHUNG - Lecture Access Control Lists: Configuring and Troubleshooting ACLs

After completing this chapter, students will be able to understand: Standard IPv4 ACLs allow you to filter based on source IP address; extended ACLs allow you to filter based on source IP address, destination IP address, protocol, and port number; named ACLs allow you to delete individual statements from an ACL; you can use the show access-lists and show ip interface commands to troubleshoot common ACL configuration errors. | Access Control Lists Configuring and Troubleshooting ACLs Testing Packets with Numbered Standard IPv4 ACLs Purpose: This graphic gives an overview of the type of TCP/IP packet tests that standard access lists can filter. It uses the encapsulation graphic and diamond decision graphic to remind students of material presented earlier in this course. Activates the list on an interface. Sets inbound or outbound testing. no ip access-group access-list-number {in

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