TAILIEUCHUNG - Information Technology and the Forest Sector

In this section, some basic issues for advancing the industrial bio economy are discussed, by reference to the resource base, conversion options and alternative products and services. The emphasis is on tropical and sub tropical biomass resources, although some of the processes and products are also relevant for temperate climates. The discussion below is not intended to be an exhaustive list of potential resources and products, but rather to provide a flavour for some of the options available. Nor is it possible to discuss the many possible conversion paths and the impacts of these conversion paths; again, the intent is to briefly summarise a few examples and case studies that are somewhat representative of the conversion paths and products that can be pursued. . | Information Technology and the Forest Sector The emergence of digital information and communication technology ICT has created new challenges and opportunities for the global forest sector. This report - the first systematic and extensive assessment of ICT impacts on the forest sector - analyzes how ICT has affected the global forest sector to date and discusses the driving forces shaping ICT development and its implications for the sector s future. The report also proposes research and policy strategies to help the forest sector adjust to the changes brought about by ICT development. o o CD fl cn Perhaps the most significant impacts of ICT development thus far have related to productivity increases and the greater demand for paper products. ICT has enhanced productivity and reduced production costs both in the forest industry and in forestry itself. Paper consumption has increased markedly as a result of modern office technology personal computers photocopiers printers . The introduction of global positioning systems and satellite photography have revolutionized the monitoring and management of forest resources. These and many other examples as well as their implications are discussed in this report. o co I Information Technology and the Forest Sector Will the current trends in ICT development continue What are the emerging new trends The report suggests that impacts are likely to be more significant in the future than in the past and in many cases qualitatively different or even unexpected. A systematic consideration of the topic which this report seeks to provide can thus assist the forest sector in making the relevant - and inevitable - adjustments. The forest sector has only just begun to grasp the likely long-term impacts of ICT and to understand their potential magnitude. Views on the characteristics number and the timing of these impacts tend to differ significantly throughout the forest sector. Such differing views can be partly attributed to the lack of .

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