TAILIEUCHUNG - Emission Estimation Technique Manual for Pulp and Paper Manufacturing

A supplementary-fired HRSG is basically a convective unit with a design quite similar to an unfired HRSG. However the firing capability provides the ability to control the HRSG steam production—within the capability of the burner system— independent of the normal gas turbine operating mode. Fully-Fired HRSG. A few industrials have used the exhaust of the gas turbine as preheated combustion air for a fully-fired HRSG. A fully fired HRSG is defined as a unit having the same amount of oxygen in its stack gases as an ambient-air-fired power boiler. The HRSG is essentially a power boiler for which the gas turbine exhaust serves as the source of preheated air supply. Steam. | National Pollutant Inventory Emission Estimation Technique Manual for Pulp and Paper Manufacturing First Published in August 1998 Emission Estimation Techniques FOR Pulp and Paper manufacturing Table of contents process emission Emissions To Emissions To Emissions To Process Inputs And Emission emission factor emission Using Sampling Using Emission Using Fuel Analysis Using CEMS Using Predictive Emissions control Kraft Acid Sulphite Approved 25 6 98 1 Pulp and Paper Manufacturing list of tables Table 1. Common Air Emissions from Pulp and Paper Table 2. Common Water Emissions from Pulp and Paper Table 3. Emission Sources for the Kraft Table 4. Kraft Chemical Pulped-Chlorine Bleached Paper Table 5. List of Variables and Table 6. Stack Sample Test Table 7. Emission Factors for Kraft Pulping Table 8. Kraft Pulping Emission Factors for Particulate Matter PM1o .16 Table 9. Emission Factors for VOCs from Kraft Table 10. VOC Speciation Profile for Kraft Table 11. Emission Factors for Sulphite Pulping Table 12. Emission Factors for Drying Paper Table 13. Example CEM Output Averaged for a Lime Kiln Firing Waste Fuel Oil. 21 Approved 25 6 98

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