TAILIEUCHUNG - Developed for Pacific Gas & Electric Company and Southern California Edison Company

Multi-Nozzle Quiet Combustors (MNQC) and single nozzle diffusion combustors provide the capability to some gas turbines to burn liquid fuels and gases with high CO2, CO or H2 content. In the case of these systems, water and steam are often injected into the combustor as a means of reducing/controlling emissions levels. However, it should also be noted that water or steam injection can also be used as a means of gas turbine power augmentation. Table 3 illustrates a classification of the main alternative fuels and their “parent” primary energy sector: oil, gas, coal, residual and renewable, accessible to gas turbines Gas Turbine Exhaust Heat Recovery The economics of. | KEMA Industrial Sectors Market Characterization Paper Industry Developed for Pacific Gas Electric Company and Southern California Edison Company Oakland California January 2012 Exper ence you can trust. KEMA Table of Contents Acronyms and Summary of Industry Business Models and Cost Technology and Energy Market Barriers and Opportunities for Energy Overall 1. 2. Trends in Industrial Energy Energy Consumption National Rise of Continual Energy Additional States Adopt Industrial Energy 3. Industry Industry Industry Competitive Business Cost Technology Development .24 Supply Chain Management . 24 Value Pricing. 27 Economic Business Availability of Capital and Regulatory Industry Supplier and Trade 4. Target Technologies Processes and Energy Energy Production KEMA Inc. i January .

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