TAILIEUCHUNG - Approved Credit Counseling Agencies and Financial Management Education Providers

If you find an error on your report, you should notify the credit bureau in writing immediately. The bureau is responsible for investigating and for changing or removing any incorrect data. The source of the error must then notify all consumer reporting agencies where they sent information. If you are not satisfied with the correction, you have the right to add a brief statement (100 words or less) about the issue to your credit report. The statement should be a clarification, not an explanation, of credit problems. Denied Credit If your credit application is turned down because of an error on your report, the lender is. | Approved Credit Counseling Agencies and Financial Management Education Providers NOTE Approval of these agencies is based on information provided by the agencies and has been undertaken pursuant to the requirements of the US Bankruptcy Code. The US Bankruptcy Administrator does not endorse any agency nor does the US Bankruptcy Administrator make any representation of any sort concerning the quality or adequacy of services provided by the agencies. If you have questions please contact your lawyer and the agency at its address and phone number. Be aware that agencies approved for both financial management education and credit counseling may have different expiration dates for each type of service. Agency Name and Contact Information Credit Counseling Approval Expiration Date Financial Management Education Approval Expiration Date 123 Credit Counselors Inc. 6161 Blue Lagoon Drive Suite 255A Miami FL 33126 Phone 305-269-9201 Fax 305-269-0473 Website Yes 11-20-2012 No 247 Bankruptcy Class Inc. 6161 Blue Lagoon Drive Suite 255B Miami FL 33126 Phone 305-267-1041 Fax 305-262-7768 Website No Yes 3-12-2013 Alliance Credit Counseling Inc. 13777 Ballantyne Corporate Place Suite 100 Charlotte NC 28277 Toll Free 888-594-9596 Fax 704-943-0313 Website email bankruptcy@ Yes 3-31-2013 Yes 3-31-2013 American Consumer Credit Counseling Inc. 130 Rumford Avenue Ste. 202 Newton MA 02466 Phone 866-826-6924 Fax 617-559-5791 Website Yes 9-30-2013 Yes 9-30-2013 Approved Bankruptcy Certification Services 101 N. Lynnhaven Road Suite 303 Virginia Beach Virginia 23452-7523 Phone 757-416-7890 Toll Free 800-531-5124 Fax 757-416-7897 Website Yes 3-31-2013 Yes 1-31-2013 Arbor Investments d b a 1850 South 72nd Street Omaha NE 68124 Phone 402-393-0119 Fax 402-393-1579 Website No Yes 12-22-2012 Agency Name and Contact Information Credit .

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