Tham khảo tài liệu 'tuyển sinh anh văn - đề số 20', tài liệu phổ thông, ôn thi đh-cđ phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả | ĐỀ SO 20 ĐỀ THI TUYỀN SINH CAO ĐANG SƯ PHAM 4 - NAM 2004 MON TIỀNG ANH - KHOI D Thời gian làm bài 150 phút Câu 1 0 5 điểm Cho dang đúng cúa động từ trong ngoặc và gạch chân dang đúng đo. 1. Not to know .thể language and to have .no friends in country hể found it impossible to get a job. 2. He found a tree to lie .across the road. 3. I m used to to stand .in queues. 4. I felt the house to shake . Cau 2 0 5 điem Điền mọt giời từ vao moi cho trong va gach chan giời từ đo. 1. Are you fed 1 . 2 .this job 2. Because she put 3 .going 4 .The dentist her toothache got worse. 3. He knew he could count 5 . from 100 to 1. Cau 3 1 diem Khoanh tron từ co am gach chan đừờc phat am khac vời cac am gach chan trong cac từ con lai. 1. library middle lift picture 2. bed get decide setting 3. meadow measure pleasure stream 4. this thick math thin 5. climbing basket subway club Cau 4 2 diem Đien mot từ thích hờp nhất vao moi cho trong trong đoan van dừời đay va viết vao giấy thi. Charles Dickens 1 .a social novelist. He was 2 .at Portsmouth from a lower middle class family. His father 3 .poor government servant was arrested and imprisoned for debt. So that 4 . Had to earn his 5 .At eleven in a factory. He 6 .very little schooling most 7 .his education was acquired from the books he 8 and the experiences he 9 .later he taught 10 .Shorthand and became a newspaper reporter. Cau 5 3 diem Viết tiếp những cau sau giữ nguyen y nghĩa cau trừờc. 1. I ve never met such a famous person before. - It is . 2. We couldn t drive because of the fog. - the fog prevented. 3. Bob will be twenty next week. - It is Bob s. 4. Apples are usually cheaper than oranges. - Apple are not. 5. I am always nervous when I travel by air. - Traveling. 6. As a student he had known great poverty. - When. 7. Why don t you apply for the job Minh said Lan. - Lan suggested. 8. Remind me to water the plants. - Don t. . I tried to eat the cake but it was too sweet. - The cake . 10. You had better go there immediately. - She .