TAILIEUCHUNG - ECONOMIC COSTS OF AIR POLLUTION-RELATED HEALTH IMPACTS: An Impact Assessment Project of Austria, France and Switzerland*

The problems of smog formation are exacerbated by a meteorological phenomenon known as thermal inversion. Under normal atmospheric conditions, warm air in the vicinity of a large city is trapped by an overlayer of cool air. Since warm gases tend to rise, they normally diffuse upward and disperse the smog and other pollutants. A thermal inversion occurs when the upper layer is a layer of warm air, while the polluted air near the ground is relatively cool. In such a situation, the pollutant-laden cool air cannot rise and disperse. Thermal inversion is stabilized by specific geographical features, especially near-by mountains. The local geography of cities like Los. | ECONOMIC COSTS OF AIR POLLUTION-RELATED HEALTH IMPACTS An Impact Assessment Project of Austria France and Switzerland Rita K. Seethaler1 Kunzli Sommer Chanel Herry Masson Vernaud T71111 itpr 8 TTgwqIz T7 Tt 9 ní cpr T 10 11 ino 10 T 1 ix htil 1V I PY1 pr 12 1 pn a 10 Filligei P. Hoiak . Kaiser R. iviedina S. Puybonnieux-Texiei V. QUcnel P. Schneider Studnicka Heldstab 1 . The Urban Transport Institute PO Box 363 Alexandra Vic 3714 Australia 2 . Institute for Social and Preventive Medicine University Basel Switzerland and Preventive Medicine Department Division of Occupational and Environmental Health University of Southern California Los Angeles USA 3 . ECOPLAN Economic and Environmental Studies Berne Altdorf Switzerland 4 . French National Center for Scientific Research Economic Department GREQAM Marseille France 5 . Max Herry Consultancy Dr. Max Herry Vienna Austria 6 . Economic Department BETA Strasbourg France 7 . French National Center for Scientific Research Economic Department EUREQUA Paris France 8 . Swiss Agency for Environment Forests and Landscape Berne Switzerland 9 . University Childrens Hospital Vienna Austria 10 . National Institute for Public Health Surveillance Environmental Health Department Saint-Maurice France 11 . Epidemic Intelligence Service Epidemiology Program Office and National Center for Environmental Health Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Atlanta USA 12 . Université Paris 7 - LED Paris France 13 . Federal Environment Agency Department of Air Quality Control Vienna Austria 14 . Center for Pulmonary Disease Vienna Austria 15 . INFRAS Infrastruktur- Umwelt- und Wirtschaftsberatung Zurich Switzerland This project has been cofunded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Environment Youth and Family Affairs coordinated with the Austrian Federal Ministries for Labour Health and Social Affairs as well as for Science and Transport and the Austrian Medical Association the Federal Environment .

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