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Làm thế nào để tôi thêm một hiệu ứng cutaway? cutaway là tương tự như một hình ảnh-trong-hình ảnh có hiệu lực, ngoại trừ các clip tạo chiếm toàn bộ màn hình. Bạn có thể sử dụng một cutaway cho thấy phản ứng của một người để hành động trong cảnh hoặc để che đậy cảnh không hoàn hảo. Bạn phải có các công cụ nâng cao bật trong sở thích của iMovie để thêm một cutaway. | WORKING WITH iMOVIE 09 0 Click Picture in Picture in the menu that appears. iMovie inserts the clip. The inserted clip appears as a thumbnail above the other clip. 7 In the viewer click and drag the middle of the embedded clip to change its position. 8 Click and drag a corner to change its size. 9 Click Done to save the changes. You can select the embedded clip and press IHMWill to preview it. Adding Special Effects to Movies j ----------------------------------- How do I add a cutaway effect A cutaway is similar to a picture-in-picture effect except that the added clip takes up the entire screen. You can use a cutaway to show a person s response to action in the scene or to cover up imperfect footage. You must have the Advanced Tools turned on in iMovie s preferences to add a cutaway. O Click and drag the selection you want to use as the cutaway onto a clip in the project. 2 Click Cutaway in the menu that appears. iMovie adds a cutaway to the project. 193 Add an Animated Travel Map You can add a map to a travel-oriented project that shows starting and ending locations on the map. When you play the map an animation connects the two locations. iMovie includes a database with thousands of geographic locations to help you illustrate places featured in your movie. Add an Animated Travel Map O Click I to view the maps and backgrounds browser. iMovie displays globe maps and flat maps for adding to your project. 2 Click and drag a map to between clips in your project. iMovie adds the map to your project and the Inspector opens. 3 Click the Start Location button. The Choose City or Airport dialog appears. 4 Type a city or airport code. iMovie displays results for the search term. 5 Click a result to select it as a start location. You can optionally edit the label so it shows a different location a landmark or a person s name. 6 Click OK to return to the Inspector. 194 WORKING WITH iMOVIE 09 To feature a map that shows just a single location skip to step 9. 7 Click to .

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