TAILIEUCHUNG - e mail virus protection handbook phần 3

Một bức tường lửa cá nhân có thể cung cấp các dịch vụ bổ sung, phụ thuộc vào các nhà cung cấp tường lửa cá nhân mà bạn trưởng để bảo vệ một tin nhắn e-mail về phía khách hàng sử dụng mã hóa. | 76 Chapter 3 Securing Outlook Express and Eudora Introduction As the popularity and availability of the Internet have increased over the last few years the use of e-mail has become equally widespread. No longer is it sufficient to have an e-mail address to share with friends. Now there are hundreds of e-mail services that provide vanity addresses based on hobbies interests political alignment and even family names. In addition to choosing a reliable e-mail service provider from the hundreds actually thousands of choices on the Internet you can also choose from a variety of e-mail clients. Some are good some are bad some have a limited feature set with a small price tag some are feature-rich and costly. Two of the most popular and reliable e-mail clients are Microsoft s Outlook Express and Qualcomm s Eudora. In addition to being solid mail clients with a long list of desirable e-mail features these clients are available in similar offerings for both PC and Macintosh computers. Outlook Express is a free e-mail client that comes bundled with Microsoft s Internet Explorer although it can be installed as a separate tool. Eudora comes in both free and pay versions with the pay version adding some advanced features not available in the free version the average e-mail user does not even necessarily need those features . One other added benefit to using these two programs for e-mail is that both programs have Pretty Good Privacy PGP plug-ins available that integrate PGP security functions directly into the application interface. By integrating PGP functions into the application users of these clients can more easily and reliably take advantage of the extra security that PGP provides. Fortunately both programs offer mail security options with their basic configurations. This chapter will examine these two products on both platforms showing how to configure the applications to help keep your mail system clean and secure. At the end of the chapter we will demonstrate .

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