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dev eth0 dòng này cho biết thêm một tuyến đường để mạng thông qua thiết bị eth0. Bạn có thể tìm thấy một mục nhập tương tự này trong hầu hết các bảng định tuyến để cho các máy tính địa phương biết mạng nội bộ của nó. | 252 Part III AdministeringLinux file mount system point type options dump pass dev hdb1 ext2 defaults errors remount-ro usrquota 0 1 Lastly activate disk quota monitoring by starting the daemon with the following command etc quota start Now you have quotas monitoring the drive space of all users on your system. When users reach the limit of their quota they are notified. If users are curious about their current status they can issue the quota command to find this information. Likewise quotas can be stopped by issuing the following command etc quota stop Using edquota A little utility that comes with quota when you install it is edquota. This program sets and edits the limitations to each person s account. This is the syntax for the command edquota -ug name. The options u and g specify whether the quota values should apply the name as a user or as a group because you can apply quotas to either. When you execute the edquota command for a user or group an editor opens vi by default unless you change the EDITOR environment variable to create a temporary file that displays the current setting for the account as shown here dev hdb1 blocks in use 44 limits soft 1000 hard 1500 inodes in use 12 limits soft 500 hard 550 This shows that a user has a quota set on the hdb1 device setting both user and group limits. This user has a limitation on the number of blocks he or she can use. Each block consists of 1 024 bytes. The soft setting indicates when the user begins to be notified with warnings that he or she has reached the quota giving this user around 1MB before warning start . The hard limitation in this example is the absolute setting. Once reached you cannot store any more data. At this time the user must delete data or have the administrator increase the quota. To change these hard and soft limit settings just edit the file directly at this time. The second line indicates the number of inodes or objects such as files and directories available to the .

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