Tài liệu tiếng anh dành cho trẻ em có sự mô tả bằng hình ảnh để các em dể học và dể hiểu. | Letters Letter Uniform Neighborhood Park Parking lot Post Office truck car Bag shoulder packages Apartment House Exercise Happy Check / Money House Rain bill Cold Bark Dog Letters Ernie Basco is a . mail carrier. He likes his job very much. Every morning ernie wakes up at 6:00. He gets dressed in a blue and gray uniform. Then ernie goes to the post office at 7:00 . He sorts mail for the customers in his area from 7:00 to 9:15. Then Ernie gets into his mail truck. He drives to the neighborhood on his route and parks. He gets out of his truck and puts a heavy brown mailbag on his shoulder. He walks around and delivers letters and packages to houses and apartments. Ernie likes to walk. It is a good exercise. Ernie is a friendly person, and people are happy to see him. Mrs. Perez asks, “Do you have a check for me today, Ernie? Mr. Wong says, “Ernie, please don’t give me any bills.” Ernie has only two problems. The first problem is dogs. Dogs don’t like Ernie. They bark at him. Sometimes they chase him. The second problem is the weather. Ernie doesn’t like the winter when it is cold and rainy. Ernie’s job isn’t perfect, but what job is?

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