TAILIEUCHUNG - IElts foundation course part 7

Ielts luôn là sự đòi hỏi hàng đâu khi đi xin việc hay làm việc tại nước ngoài. Không dễ dàng để nói, nghe, đọc hay viết tiếng anh một cách rõ rang. Nó đòi hỏi chúng ta phải có một qua trình tập luyện rất vất vả. Tài liệu này là một phần giúp chúng ta học tiếng anh thêm dễ dàng. | opinion using a your opinions. 0 1 2 3 4 3 Read reason toTachof Modem drugs are always the best way to cure ar. iltaesS- this view because in many cases the side effect wor5e thân the iỉlneõõ itself. Akematto Spaits training first A hospi al is the best place to recover tom an itoess. People should get medical advice before visiting other countries. apparently naturally fortunately surprisingly unfortunately clearly obviously Using adverbs 4 To show a reader what you think you may use an adverb. Look at th words in the box and answer the questions. 1 Which one is used to say what seems to be true when all the facts are known 2 Which one expresses a negative opinion 3 Which one expresses a positive opinion 4 Which one refers to something that is different from what you might expect 5 Which three refer to an opinion that is what you might expect 5 Put appropriate adverbs in these sentences. More than one may be possible as the answer will depend on your opinion. 1 . if you have a broken leg the hospital is the be place to go. 2 . many people are suspicious of alternative medicine. 3 . some alternative therapies can be dangerous t your health. 4 . when doctors make mistakes there are often serious consequences. . 60 of people worldwide rely on non- conventional medicine. 6 . large drug companies take a significant interes herbal medicine. 6 Answer this question. Currently there is a trend towards the use of alternative forms of medicir. at esttihese methods are ineffective and at worst they may bt dangerous. To what extent do you agree with this statement Time 40 minutes . . . OKnw Write at least 250 w 96 What s the alternative Reading skills Matching headings and note taking e of tw o short texts about medical ethical questions. I Work with a partner. headings. Genetically modified animals. Match the paragraphs with the Student B Read Human cloning. Match the paragraphs with the headings. genetically modified animals eadings this safe for humans That else .

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