TAILIEUCHUNG - Ielts foundation course part 4

Ielts luôn là những đòi hỏi hàng đầu đối với sinh viên du học tại nước ngoài. Tiêu chuẩn từ các kỳ thi thường đòi hỏi thí sinh có trình độ rất cao. Thí sinh phải luôn hoàn thiện mọi kỹ năng nghe, nói, đọc, viết. Tài liệu này sẽ giúp cho ta ôn luyện các kỹ năng đó thật tốt cho kỳ thi Ielts. | Useful language ntroductions t is true to say that. here is no doubt that. i recent years . lany people consider. onclusions conclusion . conclude . sum up . erall it is clear hat. sterling skills Paragraph 4 Later in life as the child starts school teachers begin to have a greater influence. Often one or more teachers can have considerable influence over a child s future inspiring them in a particular subject or helping them to choose a career path. Teachers can have a particularly important role to play if a child lacks support from home due to emotional or financial difficulties which can have a negative effect on their learning. Therefore it is definitely possible for a child to succeed academically even without the help of a supportive family. Conclusion 8 Work in pairs or small groups. Add an appropriate introduction and conclusion. Listening and writing simultaneously 1 LS115 Listen to part of a tutorial discussion between a student and tutor Dr Williams . As you listen complete the notes. Topic Nature versus Nurture Is a child 1. Or do parents teachers friends 2. . Length of assignment 3. i Previous studies research Comparison between Genetic factors Pointstoremember Focus on studies with similar pattern and compare with those that don t I follow same trends then analyse why the 5. - Personal opinions - back up statements with clear 6. Using references - Cite source of information Include bibliography at end of assignment Put in alphabetical order 7. Further questions points to discuss in 8. ttnr . . t vv n . - . . . 51 All in the mind - Vocabulary TIP Writ Jiff ch Jilt WOld . will in ifilntml nusiuiiiitp. Io link IiIIih out parts of tlio text tognlhor. Undot standing thesn links can help you. 1 I . ll- I .1 I at IIHMUII 4 irxi i tool n 2 I i x il- .it i .iii l zl dbeWw 1 lrri Text 2 lll .j d- l S .iMli V animal n . u t I . A llh linin 1 l l l l . .i ch. They. i l - l 1 g 1 1 ll l i l v 1 himpscanlolvj Cid Ind Nhn . hinipsky .

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