TAILIEUCHUNG - C# 3.0 Design Patterns

When you’re faced with a problem to solve (and frankly, who isn’t these days?), the basic strategy usually taken by we computer people is called “divide and conquer.” It goes like this:Reducing complex problems down to the level of twiddling the states of a few billion bits is what we do all day. But “divide and conquer” is not the only possible strategy. We can also take a more generalist approach: | Judith Bishop Use the Power of C 3-0 to Solve Real-World Problems O REILLY C Design Patterns Other Microsoft .NET resources from O Reilly Related titles C in a Nutshell C Cookbook Head First C Head First Design Patterns Learning C 2005 Programming C .NET Books Resource Center O REILLY ONDotnet. Conferences is a complete catalog of O Reilly s books on .NET and related technologies including sample chapters and code examples. provides independent coverage of fundamental interoperable and emerging Microsoft .NET programming and web services technologies. O Reilly Associates bring diverse innovators together to nurture the ideas that spark revolutionary industries. We specialize in documenting the latest tools and systems translating the innovator s knowledge into useful skills for those in the trenches. Visit for our upcoming events. -O REILLY NETWORK Bookshelf Safari Bookshelf is the premier online reference library for programmers and IT professionals. Conduct searches across more than 1 000 books. Subscribers can zero in on answers to time-critical questions in a matter of seconds. Read the books on your Bookshelf from cover to cover or simply flip to the page you need. Try it today for .

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