TAILIEUCHUNG - Building Web Reputation Systems- P13

Building Web Reputation Systems- P13:Today’s Web is the product of over a billion hands and minds. Around the clock and around the globe, people are pumping out contributions small and large: full-length features on Vimeo, video shorts on YouTube, comments on Blogger, discussions on Yahoo! Groups, and tagged-and-titled bookmarks. User-generated content and robust crowd participation have become the hallmarks of Web . | Brilliant Woman Solves All of California s Problems Brilliant Woman Solves All of California s Problems 2 35 It s nice to see that Miss Teen South Carolina is trying to make a difference now that she s all grown up. On the merit of her amazing plan this woman just took over for Ben Bernanke as Chairman of t more Video Responses 18 Responses ORIGINAL Santa Cruz Girl video views sowattv Obama Care Miss Teen South Car. 78 views norriskickronpaul no rating The Big Picture Bright Eyes Cover 3 229 views nosralkire Erin Andrews video peep show on. 109 544 views zennle62 Figure 6-13. The video responses on YouTube certainly indicate users desire to be associated with popular videos. However they may not actually indicate any logical thread of association. Constraining Scope When you re considering all the objects that your system will interact with and all the interactions between those objects and your users it s critical to take into account an idea that we have been reinforcing throughout this book all reputation exists within a limited context which is always specific to your audience and application. Try to determine the correct scope or restrictive context for the reputations in your system. Resist the temptation to lump all reputation-generating interactions into one score the score will be diluted to the point of meaninglessness. The following example from Yahoo makes our point perfectly. Context Is King This story tells how Yahoo Sports unsuccessfully tried to integrate social media into its top-tier website. Even seasoned product managers and designers can fall into the trap of making the scope of an application s objects and interactions much broader than it should be. Yahoo s Sports product managers believed that they should integrate user-generated content quickly across their entire site. They did an audit of their offering and started to identify candidate objects reputable entities and some potential inputs. The site had sports news articles and the

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