TAILIEUCHUNG - Java Programming for absolute beginner- P27

Java Programming for absolute beginner- P27:Hello and welcome to Java Programming for the Absolute Beginner. You probably already have a good understanding of how to use your computer. These days it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t, given the importance of computers in today’s world. Learning to control your computer intimately is what will separate you from the pack! By reading this book, you learn how to accomplish just that through the magic of programming. | 2 25 03 8 58 AM Page 478 k 0 c c a 2 Java SDK v Click on the Java SDK button to get to this page. From this page you can run the o installation file which will install Java SDK version . There are different files 0 depending on which operating system you have. Look for the file that is right for your operating system. If you have any Windows version look under the Microsoft section. If you are using Linux look under the Linux x86 section. If you want to install the SDK on a Solaris machine look under the Solaris SPARC x86 section. You can find the instructions for installing and setting up the SDK for C your system in Chapter 1 Getting Started. You can also find the Java Documentation installation here. You can either install the documentation on your system or browse it online on Sun s Web site by using q the URL http j2se docs . k Source Code 9 All of the source code of the examples in this book can be found on the CD-ROM. Click on the Source Code button to get to the source code page. The source code and class files are organized under their respective chapters. Each chapter gives you the option to either browse or download the files. If you chose to download click the Download button. The download file is in ZIP format so you will need an unzip tool such as Winzip included on the CD-ROM to unpack the files into the local directory of your choosing. If you choose to browse the files without saving them to your local disk click Explore. A new window will open up that contains the files associated with that chapter. The file extension for the source code is .java. You can open this file with any text editor since it is a straight text file. It is still possible to run the example programs without installing them locally. To do this you need to open up a shell command prompt and change to the class file directory. For example if you re using Windows and your CD-ROM drive letter is D to run the HelloWorld example from .