TAILIEUCHUNG - Serological survey of brucellosis in camel of Gujarat

Brucellosis is a zoonotic bacterial disease of ruminants and also reported from camel. Camels are one of the most important sources of livelihood for the nomadic population of Gujarat. There are limited published information regarding the sero-epidemiology of camel brucellosis in Gujarat. Therefore, present study was aim to determine the brucella specific antibodies in camel from three camel rearing districts of Gujarat using RBPT, i-ELISA and MRT. On screening of 352 serum samples, 41() and 16 () samples found positive by RBPT and i-ELISA, respectively. 8 () samples of milk found positive from total 52 samples by MRT. It was also revealed from the study that the female camel have high seroprevalence of brucellosis than male. Prevalence of brucellosis among the camels of various districts of north Gujarat indicates that the disease is endemic and may act as the source of infection for other susceptible animals including human beings. | Serological survey of brucellosis in camel of Gujarat

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