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Stories About Children Every Child Can Read CHARLES DICKENS Little David Copperfield Đây là một tác phẩm anh ngữ nổi tiếng với những từ vựng nâng cao chuyên ngành văn chương. Nhằm giúp các bạn yêu thich tiếng anh luyện tập và củng cố thêm kỹ năng đọc tiếng anh . | Stories About Children Every Child Can Read CHARLES DICKENS Little David Copperfield I little David Copperfield lived with my mother in a pretty house in the village of Blunderstone in Suffolk. I had never known my father who died before I could remember anything and I had neither brothers nor sisters. I was fondly loved by my pretty young mother and our kind good servant Peggotty and was a very happy little fellow. We had very few friends and the only relation my mother talked about was an aunt of my father s a tall and rather terrible old lady from all accounts who had once been to see us when I was quite a tiny baby and had been so angry to find I was not a little girl that she had left the house quite offended and had never been heard of since. One visitor a tall dark gentleman I did not like at all and was rather inclined to be jealous that my mother should be so friendly with the stranger. Peggotty and I were sitting one night by the parlor fire alone. I had been reading to Peggotty about crocodiles. I was tired of reading and dead sleepy but having leave as a high treat to sit up until my mother came home from spending the evening at a neighbor s I would rather have died upon my post of course than have gone to bed. I had reached that stage of sleepiness when Peggotty seemed to swell and grow immensely large. I propped my eyelids open with my two forefingers and looked perseveringly at her as she sat at work at the little house with a thatched roof where she kept her yard-measure at her work-box with a sliding-lid with a view of St. Paul s Cathedral with a pink dome painted on the top at the brass thimble on her finger at herself whom I thought lovely. I felt so sleepy that I knew if I lost sight of anything for a moment I was gone. Peggotty says I suddenly were you ever married Lord Master Davy replied Peggotty. What s put marriage in your head She answered with such a start that it quite awoke me. And then she stopped in her work and looked at me with her