TAILIEUCHUNG - Lecture Money and capital markets: Chapter 19 - Peter Rose, Milton Marquis

Chapter 19 - Business borrowing: Corporate bonds, asset-backed securities, bank loans, and other forms of business debt. This chapter focused upon businesses raising funds by borrowing in the open market and by seeking loans extended by banks and other financial institutions. | Chapter 19 Business Borrowing: Corporate Bonds, Asset-Backed Securities, Bank Loans, and Other Forms of Business Debt Learning Objectives To look at how business firms issue debt securities and negotiate loans in order to raise funds in the money and capital markets. To learn about the key factors affecting the volume of funds that businesses seek to raise in the financial system. To see the often powerful impact that business borrowing has upon market interest rates and credit conditions. Introduction to Business Borrowing Business firms draw on a wide variety of fund sources to finance their daily operations and to carry out long-term investment. In 2003, nonfinancial business firms in the . raised over $ trillion, of which approximately $300 billion was supplied from the financial markets through issues of bonds, stocks, notes, and other financial instruments. Factors Affecting Business Activity in the Money and Capital Markets Many factors affect the extent to which .

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