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Stories About Children Every Child Can Read CHARLES DICKENS Tiny Tim Đây là một tác phẩm anh ngữ nổi tiếng với những từ vựng nâng cao chuyên ngành văn chương. Nhằm giúp các bạn yêu thich tiếng anh luyện tập và củng cố thêm kỹ năng đọc tiếng anh . | Stories About Children Every Child Can Read CHARLES DICKENS Tiny Tim IT will surprise you all very much to hear that there was once a man who did not like Christmas. In fact he had been heard on several occasions to use the word humbug with regard to it. His name was Scrooge and he was a hard sour-tempered man of business intent only on saving and making money and caring nothing for anyone. He paid the poor hard-working clerk in his office as little as he could possibly get the work done for and lived on as little as possible himself alone in two dismal rooms. He was never merry or comfortable or happy and he hated other people to be so and that was the reason why he hated Christmas because people will be happy at Christmas you know if they possibly can and like to have a little money to make themselves and others comfortable. Well it was Christmas eve a very cold and foggy one and Mr. Scrooge having given his poor clerk permission very unwillingly to spend Christmas day at home locked up his office and went home himself in a very bad temper and with a cold in his head. After having taken some gruel as he sat over a miserable fire in his dismal room he got into bed and had some wonderful and disagreeable dreams to which we will leave him whilst we see how Tiny Tim the son of his poor clerk spent Christmas day. The name of this clerk was Bob Cratchit. He had a wife and five other children besides Tim who was a weak and delicate little cripple and for this reason was dearly loved by his father and the rest of the family not but what he was a dear little boy too gentle and patient and loving with a sweet face of his own which no one could help looking at. Whenever he could spare the time it was Mr. Cratchit s delight to carry his little boy out on his shoulder to see the shops and the people and to-day he had taken him to church for the first time. Whatever has got your precious father and your brother Tiny Tim exclaimed Mrs. Cratchit here s dinner all ready to be .