TAILIEUCHUNG - Ietls preparation and practice reading

Students of english realize very early on in their learning career that prepositions present a problem. They collocate with nouns, adjectives, past participles, and verbs, without rules or logic. Students simply have to learn that interested is followed by in, and good is followed by at, and go home has no preposition. | Preparation and Practice Reading Vladimir Pejovic Michael Nicki in Peggy Read I A L F El l ll I OR Dl VI I DPMI T About the Reading Test The 1ELTS General Training Reading test takes 60 minutes. Ir is divided into three sections. Section 1 has short texts which come from advertisements timetables instruction manuals and the like. Section 2 has longer texts usually two texts of about 500 words each which give information and advice about education and training. Section 3 has one longer text about 700 words with more complex language and structure. The text will be about a general topic and will come from sources like general interest magazines. There are between 38 and 42 questions to answer. The questions may come before or after the reading texts. There is a variety of questions. Often there are examples of how to answer the questions. You may mark or write on the question paper but all answers must be written on the answer sheet. Section 1 The Reading Test We will now look at a demonstration of how to apply this strategy to various Section 1 questions. Later the strategies will be discussed in more detail and you will be able to practise them. Demonstration Text and Questions Do not read the following text and questions first. Go directly to the Hou1 to Answer section which will show you the most efficient way of answering the questions. YOUR POST OFFICE flgK-gaff at your service At our main offices we are introducing where appropriate a number of changes to help improve the standard of sen ice provided to our customers. Similar developments are taking place at many of our agency offices. T J- Improvements more staff at peak periods for faster service a single queuing system for fairer service special service windows for some transactions Post-Shops in main offices with their own separate service till for greeting cards stationery stamps and gifts the refurbishment of a number of main offices to provide a better environment new vending machine services such as .