TAILIEUCHUNG - Adobe Photoshop CS2 Photographers’ Guide phần 5

Bạn cũng có thể đảo ngược thứ tự của các quá trình vá bằng cách xác định các khu vực bạn muốn sửa chữa đầu tiên như là một lựa chọn, sau đó kéo khu vực nguồn cho các điểm ảnh được sử dụng để có bản vá. Chỉ cần nhấp vào nút nguồn thay vì nút Điểm đến trong thanh Options. Làm thế nào để bạn quyết định đó là cách tốt hơn? | 136 Adobe Photoshop CS2 Photographers Guide Note You can also reverse the order of the patching process by defining the area you want to fix first as a selection then dragging that area to the source for the pixels to be used for the patch. Just click the Source button instead of the Destination button in the Options bar. How do you decide which way is better If you think you ll have a problem creating a patch that fits exactly over the problem area define the problem area as a selection first with the Source button marked. If you d rather select the area used as a patch first and aren t fussy about the area you re patching mark the Destination button and define the patch area instead. Canceling Red Eyes Photoshop CS2 borrowed a trick from Photoshop Elements in the form of a very sophisticated red-eye removal feature called the Red Eye tool. Apparently this tool which was an Elements exclusive proved too useful not to adopt for the professional application Photoshop. This tool is highly automated. It allows you to click or paint away those glowing pupils that affect any wide-eyed human who is close enough to the camera to reflect light from their eyes directly back into the camera lens. Unfortunately it doesn t work with the yellow or green eyes sometimes produced by animals. Use Enhance Color Replace Color instead. You ll learn more about that feature in Chapter 6. Just follow these steps to put the Red Eye Brush to work. 1. Open the picture to be de-demonized. 2. Click the Red Eye tool in the Tool Palette it s nested with the Healing Brush Spot Healing Brush and Patch Tool to activate it it has a crosshair cursor and eyeball icon . Then apply any appropriate options Adjust the Pupil Size parameter to control the size of the brush you ll be using to paint over the red eyes. Set the Darken Amount control to adjust the degree of darkening applied to the red eyes. 3. Click in the area that includes the red eye effect. The tool automatically seeks out the red tone and

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