TAILIEUCHUNG - TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview phần 5

Mỗi bộ định tuyến trong mạng duy trì khoảng cách hoặc chi phí từ nó đến tất cả các điểm đến nổi tiếng. Giá trị này thể hiện mong muốn chung của con đường. Đường dẫn liên quan với một giá trị chi phí nhỏ hơn là hấp dẫn hơn để sử dụng hơn các đường dẫn kết hợp với một giá trị lớn hơn. | For further information about mobility support in IPv6 refer to RFC 3775. IPv6 new opportunities IPv6 opens up new opportunities in infrastructure and services as well as in research opportunities. New infrastructure As new internet appliances are added into the IP world the Internet becomes a new infrastructure in multiple dimensions IPv6 can serve as the next generation wireless core network infrastructure. As described in IPv6 mobility support on page 372 various capabilities in security addressing tunneling and so on have enabled mobility applications. Additional sensor devices can be connected into the IPv6 backbone with an individual IP address. Those collective sensor networks will become part of the fabric in IPv6 network infrastructure. Smart networks with sufficient bandwidth and quality of service make the Internet available for phone calls and multimedia applications. We expect that next generation IPv6 network will replace traditional telephone network to become the dominant telecommunication infrastructure. As virtualization is widely deployed in both computing data centers and network services the IPv6 functions become mandatory in security in flow label processing and so on. Next generation data centers and network services will evolve around the IPv6 platforms. IPv6 can create a new virtual private network VPN infrastructure with inherently built-in tunneling capabilities. It also decouples security boundaries from the organization perimeter in the security policy. We expect that network virtualization is possible with IPv6 VPN on demand provisions and management. Inside a computer the traditional I O bus architecture might be replaced by a pure IP packet exchanged structure. This scheme might further improve the network computing infrastructure by separating the computing and storage components physically. 376 TCP IP Tutorial and Technical Overview New services The basic features and new functions in IPv6 provide stimulation to

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