TAILIEUCHUNG - Server Load Balancing phần 8

Các hộp F5 là về cơ bản sửa đổi các hộp Unix, chạy một phiên bản chuyên ngành của BSDI Unix. Bởi vì điều này, Unix dòng lệnh và tài khoản thực hành tại chỗ. Ngoài ra còn có một giao diện dựa trên web, trong đó, không giống như các sản phẩm khác, là không thể thiếu thiết bị được cấu hình như thế nào. | 10 F5 s BIG-IP The F5 boxes are essentially modified Unix boxes running a specialized version of BSDI Unix. Because of this Unix command-line and account practices are in place. There is also a web-based interface which unlike the other products is integral to how the device is configured. In this chapter I will make many references to the Web User Interface WUI whereas in other chapters the Command Line Interface CLI is the primary means of configuration. There are two different types of accounts on the machine the Unix user accounts and the WUI accounts. The only Unix user account configured by default is root which has superuser status. Unix accounts only apply to the CLI. Multiple WUI accounts can be created with either read-only or superuser access. They apply only to the WUI. Getting Started Unlike the other products covered in this book the F5 units require PC monitors for initial configuration. Although once initially configured they may be manipulated by command line and WUI it s a good idea to keep a monitor or some sort of console access infrastructure handy in case of an emergency. Plug a monitor and keyboard into the unit you will not need a mouse and power one up. You will be asked a series of questions such as your time zone the IP address you would like to give the F5 unit etc. Once you input the answers the box should boot up and leave you at a Unix login prompt. When initially configuring the IP address of the device use the guide shown in Table 10-1. If you are employing the flat-based architecture use only the external interface exp0 for a Fast Ethernet port . If you are employing the NAT-based architecture configure both the internal and external interfaces exp0 and expl for Fast Ethernet . 119 120 Chapter 10 F5 s BIG-IP Table 10-1. Flat-based SLB configuration Unit lb-1 active lb-2 standby IP address Subnet mask Shared address Default route

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