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Chorus: Bản sao các âm thanh gốc và đóng nó lại sau thời gian và một chút trong giai điệu. Điều này có thể bắt chước các âm thanh của nhiều nhạc cụ hoặc tiếng nói. Delay: Bản sao các âm thanh gốc và đóng nó lại sau đó. Điều này có thể tạo ra cảm giác âm thanh xảy ra trong một không gian lớn. Flanger: Tương tự như một điệp khúc. Bản sao của âm thanh được phát lại sau này trong thời gian nhưng nhiều hơn ngoài những điều chỉnh | WORKING WITH GARAGEBAND 09 Recording Music GarageBand adds the stompbox to the guitar track. 5 Click and drag a stompbox off of the stage. 501 W 5 CtMAM ttHS GarageBand removes the stompbox from the guitar track. You can have up to five stompboxes associated with a track at one time. 6 Click Done. Note To adjust the settings of a stompbox see Set Up an Electric Guitar Track. CaiagcBand - ElecUic CuiUir Song What types of effects can I get from stompboxes Here are descriptions of some of the stompbox effects. When you add a stompbox its effect is listed in the Track Info pane. Chorus Copies the original sound and plays it back later in time and slightly out of tune. This can mimic the sound of multiple instruments or voices. Delay Copies the original sound and plays it back later in time. This can create a sense of the sound happening in a large space. Flanger Similar to a chorus. Copies of the sound are played back later in time but more out of tune. Phaser Copies of the original sound are played back slightly later in time and out of phase with the original. This can produce a whooshing effect. 243 __i Set Up a Real Instrument Track --------- -------h You can add a real instrument track to your GarageBand project and then select an instrument type for the track. This allows you to record acoustic instruments vocals or any other instrument whose sound you can capture with a microphone. See Record an Instrument for more about recording music for a track. Set Up a Real Instrument Track 1 Click the Add Track button w. The Add Track dialog appears. 2 Click Real Instrument O changes to 6 . 3 Click Create. GarageBand creates a new real instrument track. 4 Click an instrument category. 5 Click an instrument type. 244 WORKING WITH GARAGEBAND 09 Recording Music 13 chapter 6 Click here to choose where the instrument microphone is plugged in to on your computer. 7 Click here to select a monitor setting. You can click Off to not play the guitar through the computer .

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