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Làm thế nào để tôi xem Flickr chia sẻ ảnh của tôi từ iPhoto? Khi bạn tải ảnh lên Flickr, iPhoto sẽ tạo ra một album Flickr hình ảnh mới trong danh sách nguồn. Thực hiện theo các bước sau để xem hình ảnh trực tuyến: | WORKING WITH iPHOTO 09 Sharing Photos An access page appears. For iPhoto and other applications to interact with Flickr you must allow them access to your account. 7 Click OK I ll Allow It. A confirmation page appears. 8 Return to iPhoto from the Web browser. You can click iPhoto on the Dock. 9 Select who can view your photos. You can select Anyone to make the photos public. O Select a photo size to upload. Click Publish. iPhoto uploads the photos to your Flickr account. IPhoto Uploader wants to link to your Flickr account. iu ioto Uploader . a h _ r partner You should only ever authorize third parties th By authorizing this link you ll allow the IPhoto Uploader service to provide Access to your photostream including private stuff Editing of your photo or video information via IPhoto Uploader Uploads to your Flickr account via iPhoto Uploader Deletion of content via iPhoto Uploader OK I LL ALLOW IT How do I view my shared Flickr photos from iPhoto When you upload photos to Flickr iPhoto creates a new Flickr photo album in the source list. Follow these steps to view the photos online O In the source list click the name of the Flickr album. The album photos appear. 2 Click the Flickr Web address button for the album. A Web browser opens to display the photos. 103 Create an Instant Slideshow You can quickly create a slideshow in iPhoto with a custom theme music and transitions. You can then display the slideshow in full-screen mode to automatically cycle through the photos. To have more control of your slideshow options see Create a Slideshow Project. Create an Instant Slideshow ft O EH-click to select the photos for the slideshow. You can also select an Event Places or Faces group or album. 2 Click Slideshow. The first time you create an instant slideshow the slideshow dialog appears. 3 Click Themes. 4 Click to select a presentation style. 104 WORKING WITH iPHOTO 09 Sharing Photos 5 Click Settings. 0 Click to select theslide duration O changes to . If your slideshow

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