TAILIEUCHUNG - Software Engineering For Students: A Programming Approach Part 29

Software Engineering For Students: A Programming Approach Part 29. This fully revised version of Doug Bell's Software Engineering: A Programming Approach continues to use the successful formula of the previous editions. The author's approach is to present the main principles, techniques and tools used in software engineering, one by one, chapter by chapter. This book is a unique introduction to software engineering for all students of computer science and its related disciplines. It is also ideal for practitioners wishing to remain current with new developments in the area | 258 Chapter 17 Software robustness The answer depends on the particular software Forward because you continued your journey. It was an anticipated fault. However as far as the tire is concerned it is backward error recovery because it is replaced by some other component. Add the line if 0 throw new NumberFormatException at the start of the method. Control continues down the program which dangerously tests the value of the information returned by parseInt. The precondition is assert oldCount 0 The postcondition is assert newCount oldCount - 1 Further reading The programming language Pascal has a strong reputation for being a secure language with extensive compile-time checking to prevent software faults. But these three authors set out to show how vulnerable it actually is. It is a study in paranoia J. Walsh . Sneeringer and . Hoare Ambiguities and insecurities in Pascal Software - Practice and Experience 7 1977 pp. 685-96. For a more detailed treatment of some of the topics described in this chapter see Hoang Pham ed. Fault-Tolerant Software Systems Techniques and Applications IEEE Computer Society Press 1992. The following book has a chapter that explains how software errors can be quantified . Shooman Software Engineering McGraw-Hill International 1986. CHAPTER 18 Scripting This chapter explains the principles of scripting languages gives examples of using scripting languages. Introduction Scripting is the duct tape or glue of computing. It is a means of constructing software quickly usually by combining existing components and programs. The product may not be elegant but it works. For example suppose we write an e-mail program. We would like the user to be able to click on a URL within an e-mail and get taken immediately into a web browser that displays the page. So we need the e-mail program to be able to invoke the web browser. This is the kind of interoperability that can be provided by a scripting .

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