TAILIEUCHUNG - Java Programming for absolute beginner- P2

Java Programming for absolute beginner- P2:Hello and welcome to Java Programming for the Absolute Beginner. You probably already have a good understanding of how to use your computer. These days it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t, given the importance of computers in today’s world. Learning to control your computer intimately is what will separate you from the pack! By reading this book, you learn how to accomplish just that through the magic of programming. | 2 25 03 8 11 AM Page xx xx Introduction great asset to any programmer especially given the Internet s importance in today s business world. Another goal of this book is to demonstrate programming skills in such a way that allows you to apply these skills when writing other Java programs or when learning new languages. I believe that you will find this approach to learning programming through the use of game examples very comfortable. The examples are fun to program and at the same time demonstrate important programming skills that you can use to write different types of programs. Who Should Read This Book I do not assume that you have any programming experience. If you do have some programming experience but have little to no experience with Java you will also benefit from reading this book and learning Java at a beginner s level. If you have already read another book on Java or have taken even an intro Java course this book is not for you. You should have a good graphics editor and sound editor. In addition you will need Sun s Java SDK software development kit and documentation which you can find at http j2se . All the other requirements are included on the accompanying CD-ROM. You will need a text editor such as Notepad or a Java IDE Integrated Development Environment such as NetBeans so that you can write and edit your Java programs. There is a link to the home page of NetBeans on the CD-ROM in the Web Links section. This book does not explain how to use the IDE. The instructions for writing and compiling your programs assume you are using a text editor. You will also need recent versions of Web browsers such as Netscape 6 and Internet Explorer 5 or later versions to run the applets. Internet Explorer is included on the CD-ROM. How to Use This Book Learning a programming language such as Java is a process. First you need to learn the basic skills and then you build upon them to learn the more involved .