TAILIEUCHUNG - Summary of doctoral thesis in linguistics and literature: Address terms in the novel Gone with the wind and their equivalents in Vietnamese translation Cuon theo chieu gio

For this paper, we choose to investigate address terms used in the dialogues of characters in Margaret Mitchell’s novel Gone with the wind (Macmillan Publisher, 2005) and its Vietnamese translation Vu Kim Thu translator’s Cuon theo chieu gio (Thoi Đai Publisher, 2009). This novel was translated into Vietnamese by some authors such as Duong Tuong, Le Cong Thanh. In this thesis, we selected the translation of by Vu Kim Thu translator (Thoi Đai Publisher, 2009). | MINISTRY OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING VINH UNIVERSITY TRAN THI KIM TUYEN ADDRESS TERMS IN THE NOVEL GONE WITH THE WIND AND THEIR EQUIVALENTS IN VIETNAMESE TRANSLATION CUON THEO CHIEU GIO Major Theoretical Linguistics Code 62. 22. 01. 01 SUMMARY OF DOCTORAL THESIS IN LINGUISTICS AND LITERATURE NGHE AN - 2016 1 INTRODUCTION 1. Rationale . In language in general and in Vietnamese and English in particular address terms are the reflection of the hierarchical relationship among participants of the conversations as well as their attitudes and emotion. In order for the conversation to go smoothly speaker should choose suitable address terms basing on the relationship between listener and speaker. The choice and usage of suitable address terms with the context and content will depend on this interpersonal relationship these address terms also have impacts on the development of the conversation. It is therefore meaningful and important to conduct a research into the respective expression of form of address in the two languages English -Vietnamese . . In Vietnamese address terms are diversified and they carry different connotations in different circumstances the same role may have different address terms with different shades of emotions. Address terms in English are however different in both quantity kind of speech address and structure of address terms. The difference between the two languages has created confusion for translators when choosing the equivalent address terms especially when translating work from English into Vietnamese. In this thesis the author will investigate the translation of address terms from the original version in Margaret Mitchell s Gone with the wind Macmillan Publisher 2005 the translated Vu Kim Thu translator s Cuon theo chieu gio Thoi Đai Publisher 2009 to identify the systematic characteristic and principles in the translation activity from English into Vietnamese and vice versa. . In real-life communication personal pronouns are used .

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