TAILIEUCHUNG - Basics of Water Resources Course book Course A

Water is finite on earth. There is a fixed amount of water which neither decreases or increases. Fresh water is a renewable resource because of the water cycle. From a human perspective the source of freshwater is rainfall. Most of this rainfall is used directly for vegetative growth, such as natural vegetation, pasture, rain-fed maize etc. This process, known as transpiration, is highly productive and produces in Southern Africa the bulk of food crops. | p cQc p Basics of Water Resources - Course Book WfiterNet CCR ISRI. CatsÍĨC UNESCO IHE Delft uz M UNESCO I IHP I WWAP IHP-VI I Technical Documents in Hydrology PC- CP series I nu 23 PCCP Publications 700170G3 Basics of Water Resources Course book Course A UNESCO-IHE INSTITUTE FOR WATER EDUCATION CATALIC AiteadMngmn n nentơd GSpakn SC-2003 WS 73

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