The environmental impacts of biomass utilisation for energy and industrial products are quite significant, and are arguably greater in scale and scope than any other class of energy resources—renewable or non renewable—due to the intensive use of land, water and other resources. Unlike fossil resources, however, the impacts can be positive or negative, depending on the effect on soils, local ecology, and nutrients. The long term sustainability of biomass utilisation, industrial biotechnology, and bioenergy production can be assessed along several dimensions, including soils, nutrients, fossil fuels, and water use (Reijnders, 2006). Other categories of environmental impacts include biodiversity as discussed below. . | 2007 Competitiveness of the European Graphic Industry Prospects for the EU printing sector to respond to its structural and technological challenges European Communities 2007 This report has been produced by E Y as part of the project financed by the European Commission Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General . Its content therefore represents E Y s own views on the subject matter. The views expressed in this report as well as the information included in it do not necessarily reflect the opinion or position of the European Commission and in no way commit the institution. For further information contact European Commission Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General Unit G4 B-1049 Brussels Fax 32-2 29 69 638 E-mail entr-textiles-fashion-forest-ind@ European Communities 2007 Reproduction is authorized provided the source is acknowledged 2 Contents 1 Summary of methodology and scope of the study o 2 A day with Mr Print o 3 Summary of the analysis of the European Printing Industry Printers point of view w Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats analysis 5 Structural challenges for the European printing industry Proposition for an action plan dedicated to the European Printing Industry H Structure of the plan Detail of the actions Detailed analysis of the European printing industry and impact from international competition w Context Industry Organisation Market Products Consumers Technological development Printing industry in China International exchanges and relocation of the production areas Appendix General context Origin of pulp and paper Comparison of financial ratios

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