TAILIEUCHUNG - AGENDA 2020: A Technology Vision and Research Agenda for America's Forest, Wood and Paper Industry

When unfired units are designed with higher steam conditions for combined cycle, multiple-pressure units are usually applied to increase exhaust heat recovery and enhance system performanc The intermediate level may be that required for steam injection fo NOx control and/or a process level. In applications using natural gas, a third pressure level will further enhance overall system performance. Typical design practice is that unfired HRSGs are convective heat exchangers that respond to the exhaust conditions of the gas turbine. Thus, the performance of unfired HRSG units are driven by the gas turbine operating mode and cannot easily provide steam flow control. Supplementary-Fired HRSG. Since gas turbines generally consum very little of. | AGENDA 2020 A Technology Vision and Research Agenda for America s Forest Wood and Paper Industry Prepared by the American Forest Paper Association November 1994 TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Glossary of Executive 1. 2. 3. The Forest Wood and Paper Industry A. Industry B. C. Wood D. Pulp and Paper E. Global Competitiveness 4. The Vision for the A. Forest Wood and Paper Industry B. Forest C. Wood D. Pulp and 5. Technology 6. Research Priorities . 16 A. Sustainable Forest B. Environmental Performance. 18 C. Energy D. Improved Capital E. Recycling . 20 F. Sensors and 7. Closing Comment and Next Appendices - Acknowledgments. 23 GLOSSARY OF ACRONYMS AF PA American Forest Paper Association DOE United States Department of Energy FPS Forest Products Society NCASI National Council for Air Stream Improvement R D Research and Development RPTA Recycled Paperboard Technical Association TAPPI Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper .

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